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Company profile

UNISTROY is a modern and prosperous company engaged in the field of building design and construction, executing all types of construction and construction-assembly works: excavation and earthworks, reinforced concrete and metal structures, brickworks, roof systems, facade systems, hydro, thermo and sound insulations, floorings and claddings, engineering – strengthening activities, electric wiring, structured cabling, water supply and sewerage, vertical planning and many other activities of the civil engineering. 
The company is specialized in the construction management, as it has implemented the comprehensive execution of many residential and public buildings in Burgas, and also of luxury resort complexes along the whole Black Sea coast.
The company has 80 highly qualified engineers, designers, technical managers and constructors having long professional experience in the field of building design and civil engineering. In the highly competitive environment of the Bulgarian construction market, UNISTROY is developing dynamically and constantly gains new positions. 
UNISTROY is entered in the Central Professional Register of Builders in Bulgaria for execution of the following range of construction activities: 
First group, from first to fifth category. The company is a member of the Bulgarian Construction Chamber since January 2008.
UNISTROY has integrated quality management system in compliance with the standards of ISO 9001:2008, date of first registration: February 2008. 
Currently, the main objective of UNISTROY is to constantly improve, maintain and develop the worked out, integrated and certified in 2008 Integrated Essences Management System as per the patterns of the international standard: ISO 9001, which proves our commitment to the European and world tendencies in this respect and our desire to strengthen our positions as a modern company. 
The accent in the work of UNISTROY is the high quality
Such high quality is guaranteed by the:
Well rationalized and functional projects;
Quality of the materials used in the execution of our projects;
High qualification of our employees and of the executive staff, and also their proper training; 
The policy of our organization aims to increase customer satisfaction through more efficient meeting of their requirements by modern methods of quality management, including:
Application of new modern technologies for execution of construction and assembly works;
Application of practices on effective human resources management;
Constant improvement of all management systems integrated in the company;
Sustainable development on a dynamically changing market.
So far UNISTROY has constructed many residential, administrative, business, production and hotel buildings. Our company performs reconstruction, rehabilitation and modernization of already existing buildings, it also performs construction of entirely new buildings fully completed up to a turnkey stage, and also warranty and post-warranty maintenance of the units.
The buildings constructed by UNISTROY are distinguished for their distinctive architecture, fast and qualitative execution.